Mediation & Arbitration

Collaborative Solutions for Matrimonial and Family Disputes

At HDRB&B, we understand that navigating the challenges of divorce, child custody, and other family-related legal matters can be emotionally demanding. That’s why we emphasize a compassionate and solutions-oriented approach, providing a safe and neutral environment for parties to engage in productive discussions.

Mediation and arbitration offer numerous benefits for couples and families seeking to resolve their legal disputes amicably. Our experienced team is dedicated to guiding you through the complexities of divorce, property division, child custody, and other matrimonial matters using a collaborative and constructive approach.

Expert Mediation and Arbitration:

The Honorable Peter J. Melchionne (Ret.) is a distinguished mediator and arbitrator for matrimonial and family matters. As a retired Superior Court Judge in the Family Part, Judge Melchionne is exceptionally skilled in managing complex family dynamics, delicate parenting issues, and financial considerations. With an impressive background presiding over numerous complex divorce and family law cases, Judge Melchionne brings a wealth of experience and expertise to assist individuals and families in reaching amicable resolutions.

Judge Melchionne’s confidential and empowering approach ensures that you maintain control over the outcome, crafting agreements that suit your needs. With cost-effectiveness and a focus on preserving relationships, our dedicated team guides you toward positive solutions for your matrimonial and family matters. You can rely on us to provide a supportive and empathetic environment as we work together towards peaceful resolutions.

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Matrimonial Dispute Resolution Services

Our mediation and arbitration services cover a wide range of matrimonial and family law matters, including:

  • Divorce Mediation and Arbitration: Guiding couples through the divorce process, addressing property division, spousal support, child custody, and visitation arrangements, and promoting effective communication to minimize conflict.
  • Child Custody and Visitation: Assisting parents in developing comprehensive parenting plans, ensuring the best interests of the children are prioritized, and promoting healthy co-parenting relationships.
  • Child and Spousal Support: Helping parties navigate the complexities of child support and spousal support matters, taking into account financial considerations, lifestyle, and the needs of the parties involved.
  • Property Division: Facilitating fair and equitable distribution of assets and debts accumulated during the marriage, considering both financial and sentimental value.
  • Post-Divorce Modifications: Assisting with modifications to existing court orders when circumstances change, ensuring the agreements remain relevant and effective.

Contact us: If you are seeking a skilled mediator or arbitrator for your matrimonial or family matter, we invite you to reach out to our firm to schedule a consultation with Judge Peter J. Melchionne.

Mediation & Arbitration

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