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HDRB&B’s Elder Law & Special Needs Group is dedicated to helping families face aging, illness, and disability through estate planning, asset preservation, and life care planning. Our goal is to guide you in preserving wealth and assets in the face of long-term care expenses.

We offer guidance on home care, assisted living and nursing home placements, and provide representation for Medicaid applications, appeals, and assistance with government benefits.

For parents of children with special needs, we prepare Supplemental Needs Trusts and offer counsel to ensure that loved ones with special needs retain critical government benefits.


  • Long-Term Care Planning
    • Consulting with clients and their families to develop an appropriate long-term care plan
    • Creating trusts to preserve assets
  • Medicaid Planning
    • Preparing Medicaid applications
    • Assisting with annuity planning
    • Creating Medicaid Trusts and supplemental needs trusts
  • Guardianships
    • Assisting families with guardianships appointment for the elderly and developmentally disabled

Providing ongoing support and advice to Guardians and families

Representative Matters

  • Represented individual recently diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment who, along with her family, was concerned about spending all of her assets on her care. We created a wealth preservation strategy aligned with her wishes to move a portion of her assets into a trust for her children and grandchildren while still providing ample monies for her long-term care.
  • Represented family with a special-needs child, who wanted ensure protection of their child’s inheritance while still allowing him to receive government benefits. We created an estate plan that allowed their son’s inheritance to be held in a special needs trust.
  • Advised NJ client who travels frequently NY to help care for her mother on which state provides the best long-term care support.
  • Represented family seeking legal guardianship for their mentally incapacitated mother enabling them to make health and financial decisions in her best interest on her behalf.
  • 05.01.23 Should We Transfer Home Ownership?
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  • 11.8.21 What is Durable Power of Attorney?
    Under a durable Power of Attorney, you, as principal, appoint an Agent, also referred to as an Attorney-In-Fact, to act on your behalf, both while you are competent and should you lose your mental capacity. Your Agent can pay bills, sign contracts, manage finances and do many of life’s tasks that you handle for yourself. Read more>>
  • 06.14.21 Planning for Long Term Care: Financial Considerations and Eligibility for Medicaid
    As an elder law attorney, I hear these questions pretty regularly. The concerns around long-term care are understandable—not only is it difficult and overwhelming to find appropriate care for an aging parent or an ill spouse, but the financial issues are complicated and anxiety-provoking. Learn more about the importance of planning for long term care in this most recent blog post from Elder Law attorney, Allison Busch Esq. Read more>>

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