The Clock is Ticking… Upcoming Deadlines for New York State Employers

With the recent passage of various legislation at the state and city level, New York employers face a series of deadlines for compliance in 2019 and 2020.


  • Have you complied with mandatory sexual harassment training requirements for all employees? Your employees must be trained by October 9, 2019, including employees in other states who have regular contact with employees in New York. Employers should ensure their policy is compliant with state and local requirements.
  • New York’s new Pay Equity Law goes into effect October 8, 2019. This law expands equal pay protections to all classes and characteristics covered under the New York State Human Rights Law. Employers should make certain all employees who perform substantially similar work receive equal pay for that work. Employers can consider seniority, merit, and quality in determining compensation, as well as skill, effort, responsibility, and similarity of working conditions.
  • Beginning January 6, 2020, New York State employers will be banned from requesting salary history from applicants or current employees and cannot use this information as a reason to offer or deny employment, or to determine salary. This aligns with existing New York City regulations.
  • Employers with 100 or more employees must file their EEOC pay data reports by September 30, 2019.