Criminal Defense – Trials & Appeals

We understand that confronting a criminal investigation or defending against a criminal prosecution is one of the most fateful experiences in the life of an individual, a licensed professional, an executive, corporation, or small business. Because HDRB&B’s criminal defense attorneys are experienced trial lawyers who actually try cases, we provide our clients with the full panoply of options for responding to scrutiny by state and federal law enforcement and regulatory authorities.

Federal Criminal Defense

The target of a federal criminal investigation, or a defendant in a federal criminal prosecution, cannot settle for just any lawyer: the federal criminal code is complex and the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines are severe.   Our attorneys are smart, savvy and skilled federal criminal defense lawyers who are experienced confronting and aggressively defending the type of sophisticated federal criminal prosecutions pursued by the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the District of New Jersey (DNJ), the Southern District of New York (SDNY), the Eastern District of New York (EDNY), and in other federal districts. We have defended individuals, professionals and businesses seeking a vigorous federal criminal defense in a broad range of white-collar federal criminal cases, including:

Healthcare Fraud False Statements Mail Fraud
Securities Fraud Wire Fraud Insurance Fraud
Bribery Official Misconduct Money Laundering
SEC Violations Identity Theft Kickbacks
Mortgage Fraud FAA Violations Structuring
Tax Fraud Foreign Bank Accounts  Tax Evasion

We have, for example, advised and defended doctors, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device manufacturers confronted with healthcare compliance issues, or charged with Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud, business executives charged with an array of federal business crimes, individuals facing SEC, NASD, and other civil and criminal securities investigations or charged with securities violations, witnesses responding to federal grand jury subpoenas, and corporations in need of internal investigations by outside counsel. Over the years we have been able to obtain not-guilty verdicts, judgments of dismissal, decisions not to prosecute, favorable plea bargains, and reduced sentences, for many of our clients.

New York Criminal Defense / New Jersey Criminal Defense

Our attorneys have guided clients through the New York criminal justice system and the New Jersey criminal justice system for over 25 years.  Several of the firm’s criminal defense lawyers have previously served as county prosecutors, municipal prosecutors, and special prosecutors in New York and New Jersey, and they use those experiences to aggressively represent clients charged with state and local offenses, including:

DWI / DUI Drug Possession Assault
Burglary Gun Possession Robbery
Domestic Violence Vehicular Homicide Traffic Violations

Federal Criminal Appeals / New York Criminal Appeals / New Jersey Criminal Appeals

Over 90% of federal criminal prosecutions result in a conviction by way of guilty plea or jury verdict.  Although the rates of conviction are lower in state courts, many criminal defendants will need an experienced appellate lawyer to ensure that mistakes made at the trial level are corrected on appeal.  Appellate work requires an attorney to have a separate set of skills from those used at trial since most appeals are decided based upon the persuasiveness of the written appellate briefs submitted to the appellate court.  We cooperate seamlessly with trial counsel to assume the representation of criminal defendants in need of appellate counsel and work tirelessly to brief and argue issues on appeal at all levels of the federal and state appellate courts, to ensure that our clients receive every opportunity to obtain appellate relief in the form of a reversal, new trial, or a fairer sentence.